Kwanzaa First Quarter Assessment: Time To Take Inventory

March 30, 2011

Kwanzaa was created to introduce and reinforce seven guiding principles for building and restoring healthy and nurturing families and strong and supportive communities. As values which guide our thought and practice, it is paramount that we practice these principles daily. At the end of the year, December – January 1, we take assessment of what we have achieved for the year in relationship to practice of the Seven Principles. The quarterly assessment will make it easier for you to keep track and monitor your commitments and practice of the Seven Principles.

Note: Ensure that in assessment your Kwanzaa commitments are concrete and focused around the core concept of the principle (e.g., Unity Commitment- Daily, I will greet my parents/caregiver warmly and convey and reinforce my appreciation and love for them), 2) require daily or weekly effort, 3) are relational focused (are connected to family members/or students), and 4) are measurable (quantifiable). Remember to focus on and emphasize what has been achieved, rather than commitments not met. (If a child, youth, or adult shows only one day of practice, discuss and recognize that one day. Emphasize effort, effort, and effort and be sure to celebrate your achievements or commitments.

Too, as a suggestion, place your Kwanzaa commitments into two categories- primary and secondary. Identify and select the top three commitments which are your priority commitments for the year. This does not mean that you ignore the others. It is simply a recognition that it is easier and more effective to concentrate on three commitments rather than seven. If you have not made a commitment or have forgotten your commitment, start now.

Unity: To strive daily to engage in practices which build bonds of affection and attachment in our family, friends, neighbor, and significant adults

Assessment: What have I done to strengthen bonds of affection and attachment beginning first with my spouse (significant other), and then friends or neighbors?

Met                       In Progress             Partially Met

Self-determination: To define the world in our own image and interest, placing African people and our history and culture at the center of our worldview and social realityAssessment: What have I done to practice Self-determination, i.e., what black books have we read, black art purchase, black music (Check out Animashaun Rahh on Facebook), to transmit the heritage and practices (e.g., extended family) of our parents and grandparent?

Met                             Partially Met          In Progress

Collective Work and Responsibility: To work in a cooperative manner to strengthen our families, understanding that the well-being of our families is connected to the well being of our neighborhoods; that everyone must be concern with the overall health of their family and neighborhood; and that the well-being of our families and that of our neighborhoods are bound together

Assessment: What have I done to assist my family, friend(s) neighbor (neighborhood), or significant other in time of need or to be of support in working through an issue or problem?
Met                                Partially Met                                In Progress

Cooperative Economic: To pool together our financial resources and to utilize them for the benefit of our neighborhood and for our families to see our interest tied to the interest of our neighborhood

Assessment: What have I done to support black businesses or entrepreneurial projects or improve my family’s financial resources by pooling resources?

Met                          Partially Met           In Progress

Purpose: To commit ourselves to make our collective vocation the building and the developing African American people at the families, neighborhoods, national level
Assessment: What have I done toward the goal of nation building, i.e., developing black children, make their future in their own image and interest.

Met                            Partially Met       In Progress

Creativity: To aspire daily toward continuously improvement, focusing on personal achievement, family development and neighborhood well-being and advancement

Assessment: What have I done to improve the quality of life in my family, neighborhood, or neighborhood school?

Met                                Partially Met                     In Progress

Faith: To believe and trust in ourselves, our parents, our teachers, and our leaders, and our ability to overcome adversity while making progress as a people

Assessment: What have I done to express belief in my parents, family, friends, or black people?

Met                                    Partially Met                            In Progress

Time to Celebrate!

Next Quarterly Assessment: June 2011

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