The Sixth Kwanzaa Symbol: Zawadi/Gifts

November 26, 2011

Kwanzaa symbols make up the “Kwanzaa Set” and are an essential part of the Kwanzaa celebration. Kwanzaa symbols are representations of the best of who we are and echo our highest ideals. Kwanzaa symbols reinforce the values, concepts and themes of the Kwanzaa holiday. The symbols also are instructive, furnishing lessons and narratives which can serve as powerful illustrations in support of an enriched social, moral and intellectual development. Discussion and activities around the Kwanzaa symbol Zawadi/gifts adds value to the holiday while reinforcing the behavior and practices which contribute to personal and family development as well as promotion of the common good.

Symbol Sixth: Zawadi/Gifts Kwanzaa gift giving as specific rules and protocols (See Kwanzaa DVD). Gifts are given at Kwanzaa and are linked to commitment to the practice of the 7 Principles or Nguzo Saba.

Explanation: Kwanzaa gifts are symbolic of the rewards earned during the year. More importantly, they represent effort, work, and service render during the year as a commitment to observance of  the 7 Principles. Kwanzaa gift-giving is aimed at shaping and reinforcing personal and social development. For children, emphasis is placed on learning and the value of education. Hence, a book and heritage symbol is always given to highlight learning and educations. (See Kwanzaa DVD for full explanation on Kwanzaa gift-giving).

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