Father’s Day: A Kwanzaa Guide Commentary

June 14, 2014

Black Father

The need to celebrated Father’s Day takes on a more urgent and special need in America in general and among African Americans in particular. Consider that the latest census shows that one-third of American children – a total of 15 million – are being raised without a father, and 72% of blacks children are raised by a single female parent.

Why does this matter. Statistics show children of unmarried mothers of any race are more likely to perform poorly in school, go to prison, use drugs, be poor as adults, and have their own children out of wedlock.

All of these negative outcomes will continue to arrest the development of black children unless we begin to reverse this trend. Hence, this suggests a call for men to be active, present, and attentive fathers.

For those men who have assume the role of a father, we praise and honor you with the poets words:

He is…Father

…He is

the shine in a little girl’s eyes

the icon of a son in the mirror

a husband to his woman

a provider & a leader

the endearing traits of a real man

    personified in how He lives

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