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December 23, 2014

Kwanzaa 2014

Kwanzaa Set

This indeed is the time of the month to prepare for the Kwanzaa celebration. The spirit of Kwanzaa is a joyful and celebratory one- celebrating the joy of family and embracing the common good- Loving, Caring, and Sharing. To be sure, Kwanzaa is a celebration of family, community, and culture, with the family as the starting and focal point. As such, for Kwanzaa 2014, the template for the Kwanzaa celebration will center on and highlight the founding matriarch and patriarch- Silena Williams-Robinson and Joseph Robinson and their descendants. This is the root and foundation of my family.

Implicit in the Kwanzaa celebration is the recognition of the value of family as the foundational element to nation building and the recovery and restoration of our communities and people. Strong and nurturing communities- the essential condition for producing children who thrive and flourish- is dependent on healthy and resilient families. The family of Silena and Joseph Robinson and the community they inhabited and helped build is a representative model for black people today and reminds us that what was possible for Silena and Joseph Robinson and their community is possible for us today. Similarly, each of you should celebrate your family, give recognition and pride of place to your founding grand (and/or great) parents.

Preparation and Planning

  1. Review and discuss the meaning and purpose of Kwanzaa
  1. Review and discuss the meaning of the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa
  1. Gather your “Kwanzaa Set,” review the meaning of the Kwanzaa symbols
  1. Plan your daily Kwanzaa activities. These activities highlight and reinforce the principle for that day.
  1. Review your 2014 Kwanzaa commitments

To be sure, Kwanzaa is useful and powerful cultural vehicle for building and strengthening the family, and supports the development of children with a strong achievement ethic- Ready for Kwanzaa.





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