Ujamaa Day

December 29, 2014

Fourth Day of Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa Set

Today is the fourth day of Kwanzaa, a celebration of the Kwanzaa principle Ujamaa/Cooperative Economics.

kwanzaa4-UjamaaCooperative Economics/Ujamaa: Sharing and pooling our financial resources and goods and services for the common benefit of family and community participants with the goal of building and sustaining cooperative economic enterprises.

The practice of mutual aid and sharing is a compelling example and model of cooperative economics fashioned by African Americans post-emancipation. This practice grew out of their shared understanding and ethical insight of that humans are dependent on each other and that loving, sharing, and caring are cardinal virtues which encourage and anchors cooperative economics and provides the best context for personal and social development.

Black FatherIngathering Activity: Today we come together as family to talk about the principle Ujamaaand how we have observed this principle in practice throughout the year. Like the Ujima, Ujamaa is a multiplier principle in that it impacts and reinforces the other principles. The model for cooperative economic must begin in the family. That is to say, the value and commitment for sharing is created and cultivate in the home.

Therefore, today we discuss ways of revenue sharing in the family. From the family we want to discuss the possibility of expanding to the larger community. We already have some forms of revenue sharing such as investment clubs. Employing the principle Ujamaa in the family unit and extended family is a small step toward addressing the economic well-being of African Americans.

Red CandleCandle Lighting Activity

On the fourth day of Kwanzaa, the family lights the red candle. This candle is symbolic of the collective work and effort. Kwanzaa commitments are made around the principle of Cooperative Economics.


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