Kwanzaa: The First Fruits Celebration- Kuumba Day

December 31, 2015


symbol_kuumbaThis is the sixth day of the Kwanzaa, Nia (Purpose): To d all we can to continuously improve our families and communities.”

Creativity Theme:Leaving our families, community, and world a better place to live, work, and love

The Family Ingathering Activity

Today, the family and/or friends come together to discuss ways to better the family, and/or. This is a self-conscious decision engage in ways that leave your mark on the family.

george_washington_carver_stampExplanation of Kuumba

The Kuumba principle demands continuous improvement both at the personal and family level. This principle pushes families and communities, adults and youth not to be satisfied with “just getting by”, with not being satisfied with being average or even above average. George Washington Carver, acclaimed scientist, teaches us all that: “No one has a right to come in to the world without leaving behind a distinct and legitimate reason for having passed though it.” Moreover, our parents and grandparents and their parents dedicated their lives and sacrificed that their children and future generations would have a better life. The Kuumba principle is instructive for all youth and adults, but in particular African American children and youth. It instructs that children and youth should never be satisfied with where they are at or what they have achieved. Even an “A” student can improve.

Creativity Event In Black History
(Black Scientist).
 The contributions of blacks in the field of science have been a missing chapter in the narrative of America’s scientific and technological advancement.  From the beginning, African Americans were part of America’s scientific endeavors: Benjamin Banneker produced the blueprint for Washington DC; Norbert Rillieau, chemical engineer, revolutionized the sugar industry by building a refining system; Elijah McCoy whose name became synonymous with  high-quality (The Real McCoy) patented more than fifty inventions used by the railroad companies; Grandville T. Woods, invented the trolley car system and helped invent the light bulb, telegraph and telephone systems; Lewis Latimer produced the drawing for the telephone and wrote the world’s first book on electric lighting; Jan Matzeliger, revolutionized the shoe industry with the invention of the shoe lasting machine, and Garrett Morgan invented the gas mask and traffic signal. The conditions under which blacks created and invented helps to better appreciate the contributions of African American to science and the advancement of America.
Instruction: Question and Answer
Discuss the role that African Americans played in the scientific revolution of America. What lessons can be learned from these scientists. How was the intentions and of these scientist an expression of the principle Creativity.

Remembrance and Libation Statement (Optional)

The Kwanzaa activity of pouring of libation is a spiritual and venerable act which has its roots in traditional African societies. It was done then and is done now to honor those who have gone before us. Their lives and contributions made it possible for us to live with more freedom and dignity.

Kuumba Commitment

Red CandleThe Kuumba commitment is made by each family member and is often done with the candle lighting activity. The family begins by discussing the principle –What they have done and what they will do doing the coming year to improve the family and/or school and community.


Kuumba Family Activity

The Kuumba activity is intended to reinforce the Kuumba principle. Therefore, the family engages or plans an activity of its choosing which highlight this principle.

Kwanzaa Karamu (The Feast)

 There is no special or mandatory food for Kwanzaa. The choice of food is strictly an individual family decision. You may choose to go out for the Kwanzaa meal, order out, or cook. The aim is to make it a special meal in the way you determine.






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