Crime and Delinquency

The Permanent State of Crisis in Back America

July 10, 2010

The election of Barack Obama has obscured the tragic and ugly side of what is happening in poor and working African America neighborhoods, especially to young black men. As Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow points out, “today an astounding percentage of the African American community is warehoused in prisons or trapped...
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Closing the Achievement Gap: Promoting School Excellence Through Kwanzaa

November 19, 2009

Kwanzaa a value-based cultural holiday, which is now recognized as an official school holiday to be celebrated offers a potent message and method for promoting and encouraging black achievement.
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Cooperative Economic: Revisiting W.E.B. Dubois’ Model

August 31, 2009

What is at stake is not merely the loss of jobs for blacks, but the loss and destruction of family, community and social life.
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The American Way: Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Cooperate Corruption

August 2, 2009

Using steroids and getting the highest short term financial return, is what “taking care of business” is about in America.
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Report Card on The War on Drugs

May 26, 2009

is well documented by the Sentencing Project, the national drugs policy which emphasized and funded punishment and incarceration over treatment is one the primary reasons for the explosive growth in of the prison system in the United States over the past 25 years. The policy, a failed one, as acknowledged by the Obama administration,...
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Columbine Anniversary: Lesson Unlearned

April 21, 2009

The 10th year anniversary of the Columbine  will bring the customary condolences and stock speeches by politicians. To be sure, the Columbine school shooting was a tragedy of epic proportions. The families, relatives, friends and co-workers of the victims of the tragedy deserve our most sincere care, concern, and remembrance. Despite what will be...
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Rethinking Violence in America

April 15, 2009

Binghamton and the recent rash of high profile shooting in America should prompt us to rethink the causal factors which encourage and foster violence. For starters, our unwillingness to promote a safe and responsible gun use (Gun Control) policy is irrational and a contributing factor in the shootings. We know the NRA preaches that...
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American Justice: The Shameful Practice of Criminal Courts

April 9, 2009

The practice of jailing defendant who can not afford to pay their court fees and fines is both shameful and immoral. Yet, this practice is gaining momentum in several states with Florida anointed as the model state. In one county alone in Florida, Leon, 839 people were arrested and jailed over court debts or...
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The Binghamton Shooting: The Shape of Things to Come?

April 5, 2009

While the media is busy probing the mental health state of the shooter in the tragedy in Binghamton, New York, a more mature and encompassing analysis needs to be advanced, one which looks at the cultural and economic factors which instruct and inform the killers in incident such as Binghamton. The killing of 13...
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