A DVD Teacher Guide:
How to Celebrate The African American Holiday Kwanzaa

The Kwanzaa Guide DVD Package

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The African American Holiday Kwanzaa, celebrated December 26th thru January 1st, is a cultural holiday which stresses school achievement and personal excellence. This instructional DVD explains in detail, with visual illustrations, how to celebrate Kwanzaa. After watching this instructional Kwanzaa DVD, students will have an understanding of the purpose of Kwanzaa, the symbols of the holiday, the seven principles of Kwanzaa, daily Kwanzaa activities, and gift giving guidelines, Kwanzaa foods, decorations, dress, and hair styles. Along with the African American Historical Milestones, teachers and students will enjoy this DVD package year around, especially during African American History Month.

Bonus Features

* Kwanzaa Quick Guide DVD
* Kwanzaa Journal
* Kwanzaa Lesson Plans
* Swahili Name Book
* African American Historical Milestones
* Souvenir Poster


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