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African Americans Inventors and Scientist in the 19th Century

February 15, 2010

As James Brodie notes, “Understanding the contributions made by African inventors and scientist in the Western Hemisphere is impossible without recognizing the conditions under which they created.” The conditions in which they worked and created rarely paralleled the expansion of American democracy and citizenship for African Americans. Paradoxically, some of the major contributions of...
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Benjamin Banneker: America’s Greatest Intellectual Scientist

February 14, 2010

Overview Despite a history of being shut out of professional occupations and confined to working in industries deemed acceptable for them, such as domestic services, some manual trades, and agriculture there was no total loss of black ingenuity and technological innovation. African Americans made and continue to make significant contributions to science and humanity....
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Black Scientist: Grace Under Pressure, Creativity in The Face of Adversity:

January 29, 2009

The contributions of blacks in the field of science have been a missing chapter in the narrative of America’s scientific and technological advancement.  From the beginning, African Americans were part of America’s scientific endeavors: Benjamin Banneker produced the blueprint for Washington DC; Norbert Rillieau, chemical engineer, revolutionized the sugar industry by building a refining...
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